East Wing Renovation Volunteer Work Schedule

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Report for Second week of June (starting June 9th)

Monday 6/10

Report: some drywall and framing

Dinner by Gesiakowski and Wright families.

Tuesday 6/11

Report: Small spots of drywall put in, insulation put in ceiling

Fried rice dinner by Susie Dang

Wednesday 6/12

No evening work - Midweek service

Thursday 6/13

Trench filled in and packed down; various other small jobs.

Dinner by Mrs. Sarah Lerand

Friday 6/14

Report: Lots of help showed up at 8am to put in concrete on completed plumbing trench. No work was done in the evening.

Saturday 6/15

Rest day: no work - Happy Father's Day!

Week of Father's Day (June 16th-22nd)

Monday 6/17

3pm to 9pm

Framing and double drywall of firewall needs to be completed, as well as attic joists installed. .Exteior framing starts, lot of insulation to put up inside.

Dinner by Jessica and Eric Bevell

Tuesday 6/18

3pm to 9pm

Exterior framing needs to start, as well as interior bathroom framing, and putting up sound insulation.

Dinner by Mrs. Jane Atkinson and Grandma Sloat

Wednesday 6/19

Interior framing will be happening during the day, come if you can help!

No evening work - Midweek service

Thursday 6/20

3pm to 9pm

Roof sheathing needs to be completed, maybe roofing started. Inside drywall need to continue..

Dinner by Mrs. Carmie Jones

Friday 6/21

3pm to 9pm

Attic framing, demolition of cinder block wall

Dinner by Mrs. Kuipers and the Teen ladies.

Saturday 6/22

9am to 4pm

Framing and drywall

Lunch by Shirley Sheppard

Last Week of June

Monday 6/24

Drywall and framing

Dinner by Mrs. Amy Harned

Tuesday 6/25

Drywall and framing

Dinner by Mrs. Neely

Wednesday 6/26

No evening work - Midweek service

Thursday 6/27

Drywall and framing

Dinner by Mrs. Crosby

Friday 6/28

Drywall and framing

Dinner by Mrs. Godfrey and Sarah Baggech

Saturday 6/29

Drywall and framing

Lunch by Tiffany Harned

First Week of July

Monday 7/1

Painting can start

Dinner by Swisher Family

Tuesday 7/2

Dinner by Mrs. Kerr

Wednesday 7/3

No evening work - Midweek service

Thursday 7/4

Happy 4th of July!

No work this day.

Friday 7/5

Saturday 7/6

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