Chinese Ministries

Are You a Foreign Exchange Student?

If you’re lonely… we can offer friendship.

If English is challenging… we can help you improve.

If culture is confusing… we can help you adapt.

Are You a Chinese Christian?

Join us to worship God in our Mandarin church service.

Do You Have Chinese Children?

Join us for our Chinese school.

We have many opportunities for Chinese people.


On Sunday afternoons we have a school for Chinese children. We have four different grade levels for children to participate in so that they can grow in their knowledge about the Chinese language:

Entry level class, middle class, advanced class and bilingual class. We have very experienced teachers and the latest curriculum to serve our local Chinese community.


The Chinese population in the Chicago metro area has grown from 64K to 103K in the last twenty years. Many of these Chinese have put their trust in Jesus and gather together for Bible study and Sunday worship. Most of them prefer to worship in their own Chinese language.
On October 6, 2019, Dyer Baptist Church started a Chinese church in order to meet a growing need in our local area. Each Sunday morning a group of Chinese believers gathers together for singing and Bible study in Mandarin. We invite you to join us at 10:00. For more information contact David Dang at


Would you like help improving your English? We offer a weekly ESL class to help foreign exchange students develop their English. This class offers helpful instruction along with time for practicing your speaking and building friendships. Time is also spent specifically helping foreign exchange students prepare to pass the TOEFL exam. For more information contact David Dang at

1. Strengthen your English

2. Prepare for the TOEFL exam

3. Build friendships

Building Friendships through Adventure

Our international students enjoy exploring American culture and geography. Throughout the year we plan special activities that introduce them to new and exciting aspects of American culture.  Whether it’s a weekend camping trip or a Saturday hike at the dunes, these special activities help to deepen our friendships and strengthen a student’s English skills.