Teen ministry

SOS Teen Ministry

Each Wednesday night during the school year, 7th through 12th graders meet at 7pm for an interactive time of interesting games, food, practical teaching from the Bible, competitions, and discussion groups.

We want to provide a safe place where teenagers can grow spiritually and develop their social skills in a fun and structured environment. 

The youth group, known as SOS, additional meets monthly for extra activities that range from in-house game nights to off-campus events. Memorable highlights of the year include “The Hunt” in January, and the Red Eye in March.

Summertime is an opportunity for impromptu get-togethers, service activities, summer camps, and teen events. 

Preeminence of Scripture

Since the Bible is the foundation of a successful Christian life, it is a part of everything we do as a youth group. On Wednesdays, regular Bible preaching and discussion is an important part of the evening. Most of the time the series explores a book of the Bible, and makes direct practical application for what teens are currently facing in their lives.